supercom tanzania ltd loan

Loan management systems help automate the entire loan lifecycle. Depending on requirements, these programs can assist in part or whole. The software can help with processing customer information, create new loans, and more.
The followings are the benefits of using these solutions.
1:- It is integrated with accounting module, once youdisburse or makerepayment of a loan the system post directly to a loan account.
2:- Loan in approval levels
3:- All loan reports such as PAR, BOT Provision report, repayments,disbursement, expected repaymentsand aged analysis report you can design your own custom report
4:- High security features implemented
5:- Send notifications to customers
6:- Dynamic loan product and interest
configuration 7:- Online approval
8:- Collateral management
9:- Customer profile
10:- Saving and group loan